Background Checks and Verification

Protect your organization and uncover hidden risks in people and business relationships. To get the information you need to reduce risk and improve confidence

We are leading Background Checks Company in Ghana.

Our Guaranteed identity verification service offers you invaluable insights into your employees’ true identity; what they have done in the past and what actual qualification(s), records and details they have. Having operated in the business for 23 years, we have seen all kinds of individuals making all kinds of claims. Our ability to verify these claims has protected our clients from a significant amount of risks

Background checks and verification was born out of the need to restore integrity and moral sanity by checkmating business fraud and deceit in business and daily living. We help businesses mitigate against risk by creating a secure enabling environment that allows you and your company to thrive by helping you unveil the truth behind every claim.

Guaranteed identity verification Services

Educational/ Credential Verification
Guarantor Verification
Adherence to legal standards
Credit Check
Guarantor Verification
Criminal Checks

Our background checks system is smart, fast, efficient and effective. We reach out directly to people and institutions using our vast experience and expertise in the field and are able to secure true and accurate results.

Are you ready to partner with us to uncover the truth behind every claim