About us

ICS Outsourcing Limited is Ghana’s leading Business Support Solution Company, a pioneering outsourcing company providing wide range of outsourcing and business support solutions for businesses globally. We help companies improve their bottom line when they leverage on outsourcing.

The Business Support Solutions Company

ICS Outsourcing is Ghana’s leading Outsourcing provider incorporated in June 2009. We offer a comprehensive range of outsourcing services ranging from People Outsourcing to Sales BPO. We provide bespoke Business Support Solutions to all kinds and sizes of business.

Our desire to consistently deliver value-added services to our clients has helped us to evolve into a pacesetter and standard-bearer in our industry. We have a reputation for satisfying and surpassing our client’s expectations.

Helping our clients achieve greater business outcomes is why ICS Outsourcing exists. We work with them to identify and close efficiency gaps, creating and deploying gap-specific business support solutions which result in verifiable positive outcomes.