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Fresh and experienced graduates (including OND, HND, B.Sc etc) should apply online. This category will be required to bring the originals of their credentials when invited for tests and/ interviews.

Please note that our tests are computer-based. Hence, all applicants are expected to be computer literate.

Drivers , Dispatch riders etc should apply in person at any of our Offices with originals of all their credentials.

Here are some guidelines to help you prepare for an interview session:

  • It is important that you are early for an interview. Always arrive about 15 to 20 minutes before the interview. This will give you an opportunity to settle down before the interview.
  • Dress appropiately for your interview; first impression matters a lot.
  • Do some background research on the organization that invited you for interview.
  • Greet your interviewer with enthusiasm. Give a nice firm handshake.
  • Make regular eye contact in the course of the interview.
  • Smile, be courteous and relaxed.
  • Pay attention to the details of the questions asked. Ask the interviewer to paraphrase a question if you are puzzled.
  • Respond truthfully to questions.
  • If you work presently, portray your boss in a responsible manner. Discuss the skills you have acquired on the job.
  • Take an updated copy of your résumé to the interview.
  • Prepare appropriately for the interview. Draft answers for possible and anticipated interview questions.
  • Ask smart questions that will portray you as the right candidate.

The following are Sample Interview Questions:

  • Tell me about yourself. This is often an opening question. Your response should be centred on the skills required for the role that you have acquired.
  • Why are you interested in our firm? This question presents you with the opportunity to display what you have gathered about the firm during your research.
  • What are your areas of strength? Provide a list of skills you have acquired and discuss how you intend to use them if employed.
  • What are your major weaknesses? Always try to link your answers to weaknesses that can be improved.
  • Why do you want to leave your present job? Provide positive responses. For instance, it could be because you want a new challenge, or your want to relocate, or maybe your contract has ended
  • Why should we employ you? Provide positive responses like you have the skill needed to perform the task associated with the advertised role. Also, give examples of the skills and when you have used them.
  • At the end of the interview, thank the interviewers for their time.

Pitfalls to avoid: These might put off your interviewer or prospective employer:

  • Lateness to the interview
  • Attending an interview shabbily dressed.
  • Dull take off.
  • Inability to express your self well.
  • Exhibiting lack of drive and passion for the advertised position.
  • Inadequate eye contact.
  • Hasty or illogical reasoning.
  • Bad presentation skills.
  • Bad disposition.

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