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At Integrated Corporate Services Limited, we deliver bespoke business support solutions that help our clients achieve the critical support capabilities which result in major business differentiations and drives competitive edge.

Over the years, sourcing the right-fit resources for specific business operations used to be a major concern for C-Level Executives. Everyone dreads the impact of the Time, Cost and Energy expended on every misfit in an organisation. With ICS Limited, you are guaranteed of investing these invaluable resources in critical support asset rather than expending them.

When you sign up with ICS Limited therefore, you do not only gain access to our verse and varied solutions, you also gain instant access to Management Consulting Expertise developed by choice professionals with combined experience of over 80 years. With ICS Limited, you are always “home and dry, each time, every time”.

Why Businesses Need Outsourcing

Organizations spend so much time than they planned for on non – revenue generating activities such the Human Resource Management of their firms. These are administrative activities that tend to delay the optimal productivity of the enterprise thereby redirecting the energy within the company that should have been used at the core – competencies of the firm.

However, Outsourcing provides a panacea with a holistic approach that enhances operational activities. It improves processes and reduces organizational expenditures while providing a platform to strategically re-position your business.

Why Choose ICS Limited As Your Outsourcing Provider?

The effect of the quality of technological infrastructures on the culture, efficiency and expenditures of a business cannot be overemphasized. That is why at ICS Limited, technology is our major strong point as most of our processes ride on this – Sourcing of candidates is done through a web enabled portal, and we are about the only HRO company that deployed online management system for the training and development of all outsourced staff.

With the highest number of full – fledged functional branch network in the outsourcing industry in Ghana servicing clients from Accra, Kumasi, Sunyani and Takuradi, we devote whole departments to critical processes such as Recruitment and Selection, Background Checks and Verifications, Payroll, Employee Health Services, Employee Support and Client Services among others. This is what other companies combine together to function as a unit.