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At Integrated Corporate Services Limited, we deliver bespoke business support solutions that help our clients achieve the critical support capabilities which result in major business differentiations and drives competitive edge.
Over the years, sourcing the right-fit resources for specific business operations used to be a major concern for C-Level Executives. Everyone dreads the impact of the Time, Cost and Energy expended on every misfit in an organisation. With ICS Limited, you are guaranteed of investing these invaluable resources in critical support asset rather than expending them. When you sign up with ICS Limited therefore, you do not only gain access to our verse and varied solutions, you also gain instant access to Management Consulting Expertise developed by choice professionals with combined experience of over 80 years.With ICS Limited, you are always “home and dry, each time, every time”.

As a business process outsourcing company, we provide these solutions through the following services:

  • Back office Service (Transaction Processors)
  • Customer Interaction Services (Customer Services Agents,Call Centre Agents, Receptionists and Telemarketers)
  • Fleet Management Services (Operating Lease)
  • Dispatch Management Services (Operating Lease)
  • Background Verification Services (Know-Your-Customer, Result Verifications, Last Employers, Residence Verification etc)
  • Drivers Support Services (Driving Simulation, Blood Alcohol Content Tests, Defensive Driving Training etc)